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Meet BYGGA – a team of design, engineering and construction specialists creating unique turnkey homes for the same price as standard houses. We use beautiful, sustainable materials for our custom built houses and not being bound to typical designs or production techniques enables us to adapt the design and material choices to suit the specific needs of each individual client.

A turnkey home for the price of a standard house. In other words, we manage the entire process for you, leaving you free to enjoy the prospect of moving into a new home. With just one contract and a single point of contact, things could not be simpler. And yes, we speak English.



The inspiration for our work comes from central Sweden, with its distinctive scenery, architecture and construction techniques. The nature up here clearly demonstrates the importance of sustainable materials and, at BYGGA, we feel that green construction is the first step towards green living.

Through our land development company, SKAPA, we have seen a growing trend towards turnkey homes, with more and more clients asking for a complete package. This approach provides a great starting point and it enables us to merge our concept with our client’s vision. Which sometimes requires us to get creative and be a little unconventional. As Pippi Longstocking said, “I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”



Our most recent designs were for the Tällbergs Sjögårdar project in Dalarna – a completely new residential area on the shores of Lake Siljan. Very specific development restrictions meant the features and architecture of the buildings had to conform with the traditional Dalecarlian style.

Our contemporary interpretation of the Dalecarlian farmstead (Dala gård) – with materials, colour schemes and positioning of the houses all characteristic of the style – has been very well received. We further enhanced the rustic atmosphere with matching ancillary buildings, such as guesthouses, garages and sheds.


A beautiful villa that has been designed around the ideal floorplan – everything on the same floor with separate living and sleeping areas. These days life revolves around the kitchen and social spaces, so that’s what we have focused on with this design.


Tall and slender, this house has a very characteristic silhouette. With a modern floorplan and lots of glass to let in plenty of light, just imagine the views across Lake Siljan from the upstairs second sitting room.


A unique villa for a unique location. With an open, airy façade facing the panoramic views out front, and a cosy, screened off façade facing the village, this bold landmark house has been designed to make the most of its lakeside location.


A practical bungalow with a flexible floorplan. The layout can be readjusted over time, according to changes in family life. And thanks to its relatively small footprint, this home doesn’t require that much land.


Our homes are made from the highest quality timber – a beautiful, natural material. Timber homes have a truly special atmosphere and the use of solid wood creates a unique indoor climate.

Traditionally, plastic foil is used in the construction industry to prevent condensation. However, its moisture-regulating effects are severely limited, unlike wood. Just imagine living in a plastic box. Using natural materials eliminates the need for plastic, as this type of construction allows the house to breathe, which improves the indoor climate. Combined with superior acoustics and heat storage, timber houses are a healthy step towards to better living.

We go to great lengths to avoid using plastic and other synthetic materials, in an attempt to make the most of natural resources. And it goes without saying that our natural materials are also sustainable, both during the production stages but also when it comes to recycling options at the end of their lifecycle.

Solid hand-crafted logs. This is the most traditional material for timber houses in central Sweden. The logs are handcrafted into a particular shape by axe, giving them a very characteristic finish. The style of the corner joint, the “knutar”, varies from region to region but they are always extremely beautiful.

A loghome or “timmerhus” has a special atmosphere. And the use of solid wood provides the house with a unique indoor climate.


Timber Framing. These houses consist of a structural timber framework, wooden panelling and plaster or drywall, with a roof structure and intermediate floors made entirely out of wood. The cavities between the studs and joists are filled with an insulating material. This has traditionally always been stone or fiberglass but wood fibre insulation is now growing in popularity.


Laminated timber logs. There are a lot of advantages with using traditional, solid logs as a building material, but there is a slight downside. Wood is a natural material and there will inevitably be some shrinkage and movement. This may lead to warped logs, cracks (known as ‘checks’) and gaps forming between the logs, which in turn will affect the insulating properties over time. Not to mention the aesthetics. Laminated timber logs – strips of solid timber that have been glued together to form logs – demonstrates far less movement and provides superior thermal and acoustic insulation.

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